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Willie Burns remix
is in Bleep's weekly sampler

Aïsha Devi's EP is
featured on Boomkat
with a very appealing review

The Fader loves
the EP and
"Jesus & The Math"!

MTV Iggy features
Cooly G remix and Spin features
Willie Burns trippy remix
along a nice review

Get DN002 on our
Bandcamp page

Fact Mag premieres Cooly Gs
minimal future bass remix
of "The Sore Party"

No Fear of Pop write
a glowing review
of Aïsha Devi's EP

"Popular Science" track
premiered on Impose Magazine
with a nice review

watch this
& be amazed

"Jesus & The Math" is included in
Tom Ravencroft's radio show on BBC 6

Watch the video trailer
for Aïsha Devi's EP

Aïsha Devi's track “The Sore Party"
is included in
Dazed & Confused June playlist!

Preview of DN002 on
Resident Advisor

A nice photo
of our Showcase at
Nuits Sonores festival
thursday night at Transbordeur

Self-titled Daily premieres
Peaking Lights' deep dub-techno remix
of Vaghe Stelle's Spiral Gloom

Very very nice review on Boomkat

May 6th: Out of Body EP is now released !
Buy it on our Bandcamp page

Aïsha Devi's EP release date is
june 2nd 2013
The wait is worth it!

Fact premieres Nguzunguzu's remix
of "Video Game Paraphernalia"!

Lukid plays "Devotion" by Vaghe Stelle
featuring Aïsha Devi
on his amazing Boiler Room mix

Check out the video
for "Video Game Paraphernalia"

First full Danse Noire
label showcase
April 26th, Torino
Danse Noire vs SRSLY
Aïsha Devis live
Vaghe Stelle live
Danse Noire DJs

no fear of pop
just premiered "Spiral Gloom",
the first track off
Vaghe Stelle's
"Out Of Body",
out May 6th.
Some sweet quotes in there.

Watch out for
Danse Noire action
this friday:
Vaghe Stelle
plays Astoria, Turin
Aïsha Devi
heads to Salerno
to play her intense live show
at Get Beat!

Vaghe Stelle's video teaser,
with snippets from
all 7 tracks on the EP

Listen to the
excellent “3am mix”
Vaghe Stelle did
for PTWschools

“Out of Body”
previewed on FACT mag !

The first EP
Vaghe Stelle's
“Out of Body”
will be released
May 6th!

Danse Noire Showcase
During Nuits Sonores
With Aïsha Devi live
Vaghe Stelle live
Danse Noire DJs
Thursday May 9th, 2013
Le Transbordeur, Lyon

Danse Noire premiere
for the opening of WallRiss art space
with Aïsha Devi live & Danse Noire DJs
April 20th, Fribourg, Switzerland

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Vaghe Stelle
Out of Body EP
Including remixes by Peaking Lights
and Nguzunguzu
→ May 6th, 2013

Aïsha Devi
Aura 4 Everyone EP
Including remixes by Willie Burns
and Cooly G
→ June 2nd, 2013


Aïsha Devi
Vaghe Stelle